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AEM 400LPH High Pressure Inline Fuel Pump - M18x1.5 Female Inlet to M12x1.5 Male Outlet

AEM 400LPH High Pressure Inline Fuel Pump - M18x1.5 Female Inlet to M12x1.5 Male Outlet

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TECHNICAL SPECS:Weight: 35.8oz (1015 grams)Outside Diameter: 60mm ODExternal Materials: Black plated steel with laser etching, with zamac discharge end capInlet Fitting: -10AN 7/8"-14 FemaleOutlet Fitting: -6AN 9/16"-18 FemalePRV Activation: 150 PSIImpeller Design: Roller vane with ceramic end plateVOLTAGE SPECS:Connector Terminal: 6mm stud positive, 5mm stud negativeMin Voltage Input: 10 voltsMax Voltage Input: 18 voltsCurrent Draw (40 psi): 9.73 amps no check valve, 10.68 amps with check valve (13.5v)Current Draw (120 psi): 16.07 amps no check valve, 17.13 amps with check valve (13.5v)Fuse: 25 amps (13.5v)* Power rating given at 43 PSI, 13.5v at the pump terminal with a BSFC of .5. Flow capability for horsepower support is ultimately dependent on fuel hose diameter, and system electrical voltage and amperage capabilities.Your vehicle's factory fuel pump wiring may not be adequate enough to handle the current draw of AEM's High Flow Fuel Pump. Please refer to the Electrical Requirements section in the instructions document for proper wiring. You can download a copy of the instructions below.Although AEM's High Flow Fuel Pumps are the same physical size as many OEM fuel pumps, they may not be appropriate for a specific application. You can consult the Vehicle Search function on our website to see whether a pump is recommended for your vehicle. The Vehicle Search function should be used as a reference only. It is imperative that you check the fuel pump sizing for your vehicle before purchasing an AEM High Flow Fuel Pump.AEM does not condone or approve of the modification of a tank to accommodate a High Flow Fuel Pump and cannot guarantee the pump's performance or operation if any modifications are made.
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