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ARB Intensity SOLIS 21 1 Spot 1 Flood Kit With Loom

ARB Intensity SOLIS 21 1 Spot 1 Flood Kit With Loom

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Kit includes everything required to install Spot/Flood Loom wiring for ARB Intensity Solis(TM) 21 lights. Delivering crisp light with a refined color temperature that reduces eye strain, Solis lights help reduce driver fatigue and improve comfort. Featuring a digitally controlled touchpad, interchangeable red and black bezels, and 6 x 5W LEDs, the ARB Intensity Solis(TM) 21 promises a stylish solution to low-light driving with a beam pattern that is perfected for a wide range of driving conditions. Pairing a spot and flood light prepares your 4WD for a wide range of low-lighting and long-distance situations.
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